Bionavitas’ mission is to harness the abundant power of the sun to more efficiently and effectively grow algae in order to address the pending global energy crisis and provide products which help people live healthy lives. Free of hype and unlikely projections, Bionavitas’ focus on science aims to create a cost effective algae solution.

To achieve this, Bionavitas has developed proprietary patent pending technology for the high volume production growth of micro-algae. This technology has placed Bionavitas at the nexus of revolutionary changes in energy production, global warming prevention, production of new pharmaceutical and nutraceutical compounds, and remediation of our environment. By identifying and focusing on the critical areas of algae production, Bionavitas has developed targeted technology that places the company in the lead of the emergent field of algae production.



Algae serves as the foundation for much of life on our planet. Algae produces more oxygen than every other plant on earth combined. Additionally algae capture and use a large amount of carbon dioxide during its growth process. Recently algae have shown the potential for also solving our energy reliance on fossil fuels, with the production of biodiesel using algae.

Numerous bio-feedstocks (i.e corn, soy, and palm) are currently being used for biodiesel production, however algae has emerged as the prime source for future biodiesel because of its high yield and low impact on the environment and food cycles.

While there is an increased interest in algae, there has been limited development of new technologies for its mass production. Through a variety of different methods, companies have been attempting to grow algae in a high density, low cost avenue needed for any commercial applications. It has been found that any successful production must include controlled, efficient, and predictable algae growth. The correct combination of these features of growth has yet to be achieved – until now.

Bionavitas was founded in February 2006 by Michael Weaver, Dr. Andrei Guschin, Brian Wilkerson, John Pulse and Dr. Jim Chen to solve and capitalize on the looming feedstock issues of biodiesel production, provide high-grade materials for healthy living, and help to clean up the environment we live in.