Because Bionavitas’ patent pending technology is designed to be independent of the source of the photons, distributing solar (natural) as well as artificial light, the company can leverage this technology across many marketplaces. When algae are grown with precise inputs and measurements, its oils can become ingredients in health-improving nutraceutical compounds. Grown economically in bulk, its oils can become feedstocks to transform the way we fuel just about anything that moves. Immersed in waste streams or connected to carbon capture systems, it can absorb contaminants and clean the environment.

The nature of biofuels production requires technology that can operate efficiently in a low value, high volume environment. Bionavitas’ technology meets the biofuels’ needs of large scale algal growth, by distributing the photons throughout the biomass. The nutraceutical & health markets demand pure, high-grade algae for their products. Their patent pending technology also enables the growth of high-density, high-quality algae in a controlled bioreactor.